Bees and Flowers                                                   Outside
Snow                                                                      Fairy Forest
Clouds                                                                   Random Photos
The Lost Traveler                                                   Ashland, Or
Jacksonville, Or

Crafts and Painting

Lazy Art Journaler                                                    My First Music Video: Scars
Art Journal: The Raven                                            Art Journal: Sleep is Sacred
Art Journal: Mixed Media                                       Art Journal: How did that eye...
Art Journal: Page Building                                       Art Journal: Yellow Flower
Art Journal: Sleep is Sacred                                    Scenes from a Beginner Sketchbook                    
 Mini Crochet Messenger Bag
Homemade Business Cards
Felt Pencil and Crochet Hook cases
Crochet Camera Case
Art Journal: Silent Sunday
Art Journal: Note To Self
Art Journal: Sky
HT Make a Dog Sweater from a knit cap
Art Journal: Catch Up
Art Journal: Catch Up 2